About Me

My name is William Dance and I’m a PhD researcher and Senior Research Associate in the Linguistics and English Language (LAEL) department at Lancaster University, UK.

My primary research interest is using corpus linguistic approaches to investigate deception and manipulation in online spaces. My research focuses on how people manipulate others linguistically and also how, on the internet, ideas spread from their inception until they cease to exist. To do this, I focus specifically on online disinformation – better known as ‘fake news’. The title of my PhD thesis is ‘The Dissemination of Fake News on Social Media’ and uses corpus linguistic approaches to focus on how people share disinformation and misinformation and how people use ‘fake news’ to convince others to align with their own ideologies.

This blog will comprise disinformation case studies of different countries, research developments in disinformation and the occasional research post.

I’m always open to questions and feel free to email me on w.dance@lancaster.ac.uk or find me on Twitter (@williampdance) for more fake news related content where my direct messages are open to anyone. This blog also has its own Twitter feed: @FakeBelieveBlog.

I’m also available for press comment as well as radio and television media for issues relating to disinformation, including: its dissemination on social media; historical perspectives; legislation around fake news. Contact either me directly (email address below) or the Lancaster University press office (http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/news/contact-the-press-office/) to enquire.